How does severe weather affect what’s happening with my roof?

According to a report by the National Climate Center, there are going to be more frequent events known as: “Very Heavy” precipitation.
The trend has been rising for sixty years. These Very Heavy events can be accompanied by high-speed, localized winds.
These Very Heavy events have been defined by experts as precipitation over a two day period that only happens once in five years. These events have risen in the South by almost 30 percent over the last few decades. So, the stress on your roof, and on your gutter and downspout systems, is not getting any better.storm-damage-roof
Heavy rainfall events have already, and will continue to, become more frequent and severe as climate continues to change. The intensity and rainfall rates are projected to increase, and the strongest storms keep getting stronger.
Since 1991, the number of Very Heavy rain events has been significantly above average, and it is projected that we will see more of them, more often, and they will have more rain volume and intensity.
What does it all Mean?
Make sure your roof is built well and of good quality materials. The workmanship should be well recommended and local. ( You don’t want to try to find your contractor in Atlanta or Arkansas if your roof springs a leak.)
Your gutter system should not be the puniest available. We have always recommended full 6” gutters and 4” downspouts. [The smaller but more common 5” X 3” systems just cannot handle the downpours that the South generally experiences.] Avoid the expensive but utterly useless gutter guard systems, like the “fender” system that suggest that your rain run-off will somehow go around an edge to drop smartly into the gutters. That theory may hold water in London, England or Seattle, where there may be a drizzling sprinkle that will drip around a bend. But here we get the gulley washers that will sweep straight down the roof and off any fender.
All that water soaking the ground around your foundations makes it unstable and likely to settle and to crack your walls.
These times require a strong roof and smart drainage… call today for free pricing on both!



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